Layers of paint, give history and meaning to the painting
Every house needs quality and bling
Surround yourself with quality
It's where you live, make it beautiful
Unique, luxurious pieces of art for an exclusive clientele

was born in 1983 in Romania. I am a self-taught artist, I never formally studied art. Following University I worked as a designer and illustrator for some companies in Romania and now I work with designers and architects to create absolutely unique, luxurious pieces of art for an exclusive clientele.
Fine art has always been important in my life, but up until recently, painting has been nothing more than a hobby and it was only when a friend spotted one of my works and wanted to buy it, that I realised the potential of my work. I enjoy working with many media but in particular I am a painter.
I love the rich aroma of soft, buttery mounds of oil paint, the mediums, varnishes and cleaners and I feel happy living my dream of being an artist.